vitallusPLUS® – comfortable and customized.
Elongation and effective penis enlargement.

vitallusPLUS® is a completely new patented system that achieves, without health hazards, a lasting lengthening of the penis through the application of light and prolonged hypo-atmospheric pressure through a specially designed compression sleeve.

Penis enlargement through the formation of new body cell

vitallusPLUS® method is based on a completely painless, simple elongation without risk of all connective tissue, including the erectile tissue of the penis, and the formation of new body cells resulting from this procedure.

Tested principle

We have developed vitallusPLUS® from a recognized principle of modern medicine, according to which, the use of compressive forces and traction has proven long ago its ability to generate new body cells (for example, for the production of skin tissue).

Permanent penis enlargement in both length and circumference

Regular use of vitallusPLUS® 4 to 8 hours per day for at least 3 to 6 months results in a permanent increase in length and size of the penis. vitallusPLUS® can be used comfortably at night while sleeping.

Customized for you

vitallusPLUS® is individually manufactured to the corresponding dimensions of the user. Thanks to the accurate latex compression sleeve in the cylinder, the tissue is held together as a corset, which protects it from, for example, strains or vascular lesions.
vitallusPLUS® is suitable for various conditions:

Ask here for your vitallusPLUS®

Note: the cylinder and compression sleeve vitallusPLUS® shall conform to the dimensions you specify. Before you order your vacuum vitallusPLUS® extender, you must determine the size of your penis (length and girth of the erect penis) to receive the recommended size for you. To do this you can use the tape measure available which will print here. Please also note the additional observations.

Supply Volume of the basic vitallusPLUS® set

  • 1 vitallusPLUS® vacuum extender (adapted individually to your measurements)
  • Electric vacuum pump (constant vacuum approx. -100 Mbar) with hose coupling and voltage converter 230 V-12 V
  • Digital timer for programming the desired duration
  • Pressure regulator with connection tube that connects the vacuum extender vitallusPLUS®
  • Transparent hose to connect the vacuum pump to the vacuum extender vitallusPLUS®
  • Strap for attaching the hose to the leg
  • Storage bag
  • Instructions for use

We also recommend:

  • Lubricant (without fat and if possible with warming effect, p. eg. Durex Play Warming)
  • Nourishing Skin Cream (For example Bepanthen)