In adult men it is called micropenis when this is less than 2.5 cm in a flaccid state. Colloquially, this lack of development of the male sexual organ (hypogenitalism) called minipene,  which often is also referred disparagingly to those penises that, without being a micropenis, do not reach the average.

Therefore, a micropenis has nothing to do with the subjective perception of many men who think their penis is too small, even when the dimensions of the member are a few centimeters below the average real or perceived value.

The vacuum extender vitallusPLUS┬« is excellent for lengthening micropenises because it can be adapted perfectly to the user’s anatomy. The penis is gently stretched over several hours at night, during which the blood flow is also increased, which influences the sustainable growth of the penis.

If you want a penis enlargement, you must use vitallusPLUS® between 4 and 8 hours daily for at least 6 months.

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