Penis size calculator vitallusPLUS® 

Before you order your vitallusPLUS®, you must determine the size of your penis

Its vacuum extender vitallusPLUS® is produced individually for your penis,
so that the cylinder and compression sleeve fit perfectly, we need the current size of your penis (length and girth).

Please read these instructions carefully so that we can send your order without delay.

What you need:

1. A tape measure

Massband PenisYou need a tape measure in centimeters to measure your penis.

If you do not have one handy, you can download a tape measure HERE. Simply print it out. Then cut the paper tape with scissors. 

Pay attention to the sharp edges of the paper when using the tape!

2. An erection

To determine the dimensions of the cylinder and the latex compression sleeve, we need the dimensions of the  penis with a full erection.
If you can not get an erection at the time of ordering, you can send your measurements by e-mail within three days after ordering.

How to take measurements correctly:

Your penis length:

Penis length: measure the length of the penis in a fully erect state. Place the tape measure (download it here and print) above the body of the erect penis and measure from the abdomen to tip of the glans.

Your penis girth:

the circumference of the penis is also measured with the fully erect penis.
Place the tape measure around the penis in the middle of it.
Take note of the penis girth.

Penis calculator:

Enter the size and girth of the penis into the calculator. Then click “Save data for order”.  Your measurements are saved automatically.


The measurements of your vitallusPLUS® are shown below for your information:


Outer cylinder *


Compression sleeve *

Please note:

If there is big difference between your circumference and the base, the center and the foreskin, please notify us when you place your order in the “Comments” field. We prepare a recommendation on the size and send it to you.

How to perform the measurement in case of impotence:

Place on the edge of a conventional enlargement cylinder a retaining ring**. Let the penis reach the size of a natural erection. Pull the retaining ring onto the shaft of the penis and remove the cylinder. Proceed as described above.

* For your information:

The length of the flexible outer cylinder is calculated so that in retracted position it is longer than the erect penis.
To this the length of the top cover to which the hose end is fixed is added. The inner circumference of the cylinder is always greater than the circumference of the erect penis.

The length and circumference of the compression sleeve are equal to those of the erect penis (tolerance of  /- 10%). Thus, the tissue is held together as a corset and the skin is protected against strains and vascular lesions and fluid retention in the tissue can be largely avoided.

For most customers, the recommended size of the cylinder and vitallusPLUS® compression sleeve by sizing calculator provides an optimal fit.
However, in some cases it may be necessary to slightly correct the size of vitallusPLUS® in subsequent orders. In that case, contact us
through the Contact Form before making another request.

** Important Note for the use of a retaining ring:

Please refer to the instructions of the manufacturer of the retaining ring and never use it for more than 20 minutes.