Glans Enlargement

Glans Enlargement and Thickening

Glans enlargement: Aesthetics is very important for most women and also many men. Changes to our external appearance such as hairstyle, makeup, or clothing can be achieved without problems. But when it comes to physical characteristics, things are a little different. Many men have a glans thicker than the shaft of their penis, which is considered aesthetically pleasing. For those men not so naturally favored, many think cosmetic surgery is the only option. But there are also methods which can avoid the need for an operation.

Glans enlargement is called for

Many men who work on enlarging their penis with a penis stretcher notice that their penis has become longer. However, this also means that the proportions of the penis have changed, as most penis stretchers are placed behind the glans and none on the market have the vacuum necessary for thickening. Thus, while the penis is stretched, the glans itself remains the same, neither increasing in length or volume. This can be remedied by a relatively new surgical method, in which the glans is injected with fat cells from elsewhere in the man’s body.

How does glans thickening surgery work and what are the risks?

In this method, two small incisions are made to the left and right of the glans and fat removed from the groin is injected into the head of the penis. This is placed under the skin in the form of a sleeve. Since the injection takes place in the deeper layers of the skin, the sensitivity of the glans remains largely the same. The reason for this is that the nerves connected to the glans are located directly below the top layer of skin.

Although it is a fairly simple operation, there are certain risks, as with any surgical procedure. Feelings of pressure and a slight pain during healing are among the most common side effects. Although less common, sometimes infections do occur. A loss of sensitivity in the glans or even complete impotence, however, are less of a concern.

Alternative methods for glans enlargement: hyaluronic acid and vitallusPLUS®

Hyaluronic acid has long been used in cosmetic surgery. Here, too, the glans is injected with extra tissue. The difference is that, with hyaluronic acid, a molecule is used that is also a part of the connective tissue. It is injected under local anesthetic. A needleless option would be to thicken the glans using the vitallusPLUS® vacuum penis extender. The vacuum method stimulates growth both in terms of length and thickness, both enlarging and thickening the glans.

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