The vitallusPLUS® permanent penis enlargement by the principle of lifelong shaping

Mechanism of action

The human body adapts to long-term mechanical loads that act by pressure or pulling forces through changes in the affected body part. Through the formation of new cells in the right place, it changes shape and size.
Human beings have used different ways to shape the body permanently by stretching or extending for thousands of years for cultural purposes.
The Mursi and Surma warrior peoples in southern Ethiopia manage to distort the soft tissue of the lips and ears by permanent placement of jewelry, which acts as an expansion device because of its large size.
Known as “neck giraffe women”, the people of Mae Hong Son (Thailand) owe their popularity to their elongated cervical vertebrae, which they form through necklaces worn permanently and which push the head away from the shoulders.
In many medical disciplines stretching apparatus  and specific expansion (extenders, expanders) is used. For example, modern medicine uses compressive forces and tensile reconstruction surgery for obtaining skin tissue as material body for skin grafts or for achieving space for a breast implant with the aid of an expander after breast removal.
In orthopedics natural pressure forces are used for the so-called limb extension (for example, in case of a shortening of the leg). An external expander connected to the body is placed on the limb and is screwed firmly to the bone. The bones, muscles and soft tissues grow and change shape.

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