Permanent penis enlargement with vitallusPLUS®: the flexible lightweight custom

THIS is what only vitallusPLUS® can do

Penisvergroesserung VerfahrenvitallusPLUS® is the first patented vacuum system for permanent penis enlargement with an extremely light weight and made of a flexible material.
vitallusPLUS® can thus train, lengthen and enlarge your penis permanently and without risks to health through the application of a light vacuum.

Areas of application


ONLY vitallusPLUS® is custom made and flexible

vitallusPLUS Zylinder massgefertigtvitallusPLUS® is individually manufactured depending on the dimensions of the user and can thus be adjusted to growth.

The perfect fit and high flexibility of the material make using it very comfortable and painless.


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vitallus PLUS Anschluss

Especially careful thanks to the precise compression sleeve

Inside the cylinder is vitallusPLUS® is a compression latex sleeve custom manufactured that keeps the tissue held together as if it were a corset and ensures that the penis enlargement takes place evenly in length and girth.
This rule allows discarding virtually any strain and thus, excessive sagging skin, vascular lesions, bruising or accumulation of lymphatic fluid.

Opening of the very flexible cylinder

The opening of the latex cylinder vitallusPLUS® is very soft and flexible,
ensuring that no pressure points are generated at the base of the penis and allows using vitallusPLUS® for many hours in a completely painless way.

Mechanism of action