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Practical tips about Penis Extenders (Penis Stretchers)

Penis enlargement with extenders

The average penis is 13.2 cm long. Anonymous surveys have shown that about 25% of men believe their penis is too small. In many cases this may be subjective, especially if you compare yourself with well built porn actors. However, sometimes it happens that the penis is below average size. No wonder that penis enlargement methods, from miracle pills to surgery, are very popular. In contrast, penis extenders have repeatedly proven themselves.

What are Penis Extenders?

Penis Extenders are devices with which the penis is mechanically lengthened (stretched) using various methods. Although this extension is only temporary, it will result in a permanent enlargement if practiced regularly. Although no scientific studies are available, thousands of users believe in their positive effect.

There are 3 basic types of Penis Extenders.

Rod Extender

The rod extender consists of a penis ring and a glans pad, which is fixed to the glans with a belt or a loop. Metal rods are placed between the penis ring at the base and the glans pad, which stretch the penis. The whole thing is worn several times a week over several days. The construction has several disadvantages. On one hand, it is very bulky, cumbersome and uncomfortable. On the other hand, it is very difficult to fix the penis in it for a long time. In addition, the glans pad constantly slips and irritates the foreskin.

Belt extender

The belt extender is a German invention. The glans is inserted into a kind of suction bell where elastic straps can be attached. The straps can be attached to the leg, around the hip or over the shoulder. They’re set for pulling and stretching the penis. Although a belt extender is more comfortable than a rod extender because the penis can move freely in it, it is less effective and putting on the belts requires some practice.

Vacuum Extender

These penis extenders operate on a completely different principle. An airtight cylinder that is open at the bottom is placed over the flaccid penis and the air is pumped out. The negative pressure causes blood to flow into the penis, resulting in an erection. Some vacuum extenders also operate using water. The vacuum extender is very similar to a penis pump, a classic mechanical aid for erectile dysfunction, but has pressure control.

What makes the vitallusPlus®vacuum extender special?

The vitallusPlus penis extender works gently and naturally and does not use force to achieve its goal of permanent penis enlargement. This begins with the fact that the cylinders and latex sheath of the vitallusPlus® vacuum extender are custom-made. This makes the penis pump comfortable to wear and can also be used at night. The sheath is soft and elastic – it supports the penis like a corset and prevents tissue overstretching.

The wearing comfort is further enhanced by the fact that the vacuum pump is not integrated into the device, but is connected externally via a hose. This makes the vacuum extender very light and handy.

The vacuum generated by the device is limited to – 1 bar. This allows the vitallusPlus® vacuum extender to be used for longer periods of time without causing problems. Most vacuum extenders and penis pumps build up too much negative pressure. This can lead to overstretching of the blood vessels of the penis and thus to circulatory disorders.

Which is not the case with the vitallusPlus® vacuum extender, where the tissue is gently stretched, which stimulates the natural formation of new cells. The procedure is also used in medicine, for example to promote the regeneration of the skin after surgeries.

What should be considered when using the vitallusPlus® vacuum extenders?

In order for the vacuum extender to achieve the desired penis enlargement effect, the device must be used daily for at least 4-8 hours over a period of 3-6 months. This requires a high degree of discipline.

A training plan can be created on the PC or smartphone so that no training lesson is forgotten. Documenting successes is equally important. This maintains motivation and strengthens stamina. The greater joy is when success is finally achieved after the long training period and the most valuable part is visibly larger.


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