Penis Training: The Penis Must Be Coached Throughout Life

With aging, we must deal with some associated symptoms that to a great extent, we must just accept.

The body changes and degrades due to the slowing down of cell division. Bone density decreases, as well as physical condition, strength and endurance. There are changes to the hormonal equilibrium.

Finally, there is another sign of old age, which we are usually very reluctant to talk about: Atrophy of the penis due to inactivity.

A Taboo Subject: atrophy of the penis due to inactivity

Atrophy due to inactivity is  Tissue degradation when it is no longer regularly used actively. Athletes know that the reduction of muscle mass is a physical reaction that occurs when they stop exercising regularly.

This aging process affects the entire body, including the penis. Due to inactivity, it can reduce one to three centimeters with age. This process starts in the majority of men at around 30 years old and can continue until death.

This is due to the male sex hormone Testosterone which is produced in the testicles and which controls sexual desire. With age, the testicles produce less and less testosterone, which is associated with a decrease in libido. In other words, you rarely want to have sex.

Penis Training: Performed regularly, you can avoid penis reduction

In order to avoid retraction (regression), it is necessary to exercise the penis regularly. This not only prevents reduction of the penis, but also increases its overall health.

The best and certainly the most pleasant way to prevent retraction is through regular sex. However, experts could not agree on a precise definition of the frequency of regularity. The vast majority of scientists advocate that in order to deal with penis reduction, a frequency of sexual intercourse 3 to 4 times a week is required.

If this frequency is too much for your partner, the same effect can be achieved through more frequent masturbation. This should be performed every two or three days.

What do I do if my penis has already become smaller?

Most men realize relatively late that their penis has already shrunk by a few centimeters.

But even then, this can be reversed by performing specific penis exercises and taking proper measures against the loss of length.

The right tool is the vacuum penis extender by vitallusPLUS. Using the penis extender 4 times a week, 4-8 hours per day, penis enlargement and a permanent thickening of the penis was observed.

For men, the use of vitallusPLUS® has several advantages:

  • The most important is that in many cases the reduction of the penis can not only be reversed, but the penis becomes even bigger than it was before the treatment.
  • Another advantage is that it not only increases the length but also the thickness of the penis.

So there are several ways to not only counteract a reduction of the penis from the very beginning, but also to restore its original size.

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