Electric vacuum pump 230V-12V

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Electric vacuum pump with connecting flexible hose and 230 V to 12 V voltage transformer

This virtually silent pump provides continuous suction at approximately 100 mbar. It is solidly built and has a long service life. It produces a vacuum that is guaranteed to feel consistent, moderate and comfortable.

It withdraws up to 1.5 litres of air per minute. When connected to the vitallusPLUS® cylinder, it sucks out any excess air, thereby maintaining a constant pressure.

The device is made in Germany with great care. It is designed for use with an electrical current of 220 to 240 V. The pump has a voltage transformer (230 V to 12 V) to prevent electric shocks caused by contact with liquids. It consumes power at a rate of 3 W and works continuously and reliably. It measures 116 x 66 x 51 mm and weighs 350 g.


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