Pressure regulator for connecting tube

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The original regulator to ensure that your vitallusPLUS® vacuum extender works correctly

This pressure regulator is designed for use with the vitallusPLUS® vacuum extender. It can be adjusted using a colour wheel, through which secondary air is extracted. A check valve is built into one side. When using the vitallusPLUS® vacuum extender with the pressure regulator, the side with the built-in black valve must face the pump.

Hold the pressure regulator up to a light to identify which side this is. You will be able to see that the valve is built into the side of the regulator and is shaped like a ribbed stopper. By contrast, the much smaller opening on the other side of the regulator marks the location of the valve.

The pressure regulator is designed for use with a flexible 4 mm-wide hose. It is 4 cm wide (from left to right) and 11 cm tall and is made of ABS plastic.

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Weight 50 g