vitallusPLUS® – Vacuum extender

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Vakuumzylinder nach individuellen Penismassen mit Latextuelle

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The vitallusPLUS® Extender:

This vacuum extender consists of the extender itself and a compression sleeve. As getting the perfect fit is essential for successful penis enlargement, the extender can be customised to fit the exact measurements of your penis.

First, measure the length and thickness of your penis, then submit this information into our size calculator and it will determine the optimum fit.

We take special care to ensure that all our vitallusPLUS® basic kits are manufactured using high-quality, skin-safe materials. The vacuum extender is made of fluorinated plastic, which is also used in medical products. The compression sleeve is made of natural latex.


The measurements of your vitallusPLUS® are shown below for your information:


Outer cylinder *


Compression sleeve *

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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