Return Guarantee

Your rights as customer:

As a customer, you have the right to return the goods in their original packaging and/or revoke your contractual declaration provided you are a consumer according to § 13 BGB [German Civil Code].
As a consumer, you may cancel your contractual declaration within 14 days in writing (e.g. letter, e-mail) without stating any reasons, or – if the item is delivered to you prior to the end of the time limit – by returning the item. The time period begins after receipt of these instructions in writing, however, not prior to receipt of the goods by the receiving party. Timely return of the goods is sufficient for complying with this deadline. We will assume shipping costs – Please see the shipping fee calculator in the cart.

The order cancelation is to be sent to:
m2 company
Oberkasseler Straße 88
40545 Düsseldorf

After a return

In the case of a valid return, the deliveries received by either party are to be returned and any benefits derived (e.g. interest) are to be returned. If the customer cannot return the delivery received in whole or in part or can only return it in a worsened condition, he must provide compensation to us to this extent, if applicable. This does not apply in the case of surrendered items if the deterioration of the item can be attributed exclusively to the item being tried out – as would be the case for the customer in a retail shop. Additionally, you can avoid the compensation obligation if you do not handle the goods as if you fully own them and if you avoid any actions which decrease the value of the goods.
Return Exclusions
There is no right of return for goods which were produced according to the customer’s specifications or tailored to his personal needs. This applies in particular to the vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender (cylinder including the compression sleeve).
If, despite careful inspection, defects should occur, we will modify the vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender or assume the costs of manufacturing a new one. If this should occur, please return the item to us (post-paid) together with a detailed description of the defect(s). We will correct the defects at our expense if you return the goods to us within 14 days and notify us of the changes you would like us to make. We will reimburse you up to 8€ for shipping costs. Changes due to incorrect measurement information/order data will be made at the customer’s expense..