Risks penis pump and the gentle alternative vitallusPLUS

It is not always so, that “much, helps a lot” is the right way, as in the well-known proverb. Particularly with the use of penis pumps, one likes to ignore the risks. After all, the results that can be achieved seem very impressive. The result is that you want to achieve things faster and quickly overshoot the target in the application. However, one should not underestimate the risks of a penis pump.

Risks penis pump: What are penis pumps used for?

Men who use penis pumps have different goals. Some would like to achieve a growth in length. For other, thickness growth is more important. And some use the penis pump as a support for the erectile function. In order for the pump to achieve maximum effect, a rational approach is appropriate. Because, if you overdo it, a contrary effect can occur. In the “best case”, you only prevent the desired result. In the worst case, excessive use can lead to health problems.

Risks when using a penis pump

When using a penis pump, you should always keep in mind that it may result in serious injury. Although “seriously” does not necessarily mean death. A health impairment of the genital area is however always possible with improper use.

Hematomas on the penis

Hematomas develop by burst blood vessels under the skin. The reason for this is almost always a too high vacuum, which is generated by the penis pump. While small “bruises” are relatively unproblematic, a doctor should be consulted for large areas of discolouration.

Blood congestion in the penis

If the pressure is too high or if the application is too long, a vascular occlusion may occur in the penis. Generally, this symptom is also referred to as a “permanent erection”. If this occurs, a closure of the vessels prevents the blood draining from the penis. Often, the penis turns blue to dark blue, in which case, you should see a doctor as soon as possible as there is an urgent need for action.

Lymph nodes in the area of ​​the pubic bone

This is a symptom that occurs after incorrect positioning of the penis pump. If the edge of the penis pump encloses parts of the groin, liquid gathers there. Also here, a visit to the doctor is recommended, as the fluid can only be removed by massaging or peeling.

The conventional penis pump and vitallusPLUS penis pump

As described, some more or less serious complications may occur when using a conventional penis pump. The vitallusPLUS penis pump is designed so that these are completely avoided. The central element is the compression sheath, which holds the tissue together in a protective manner. Both the cylinder and the compression sleeve are made to measure, so that the risk of overstretching is excluded. Inside, a constant vacuum is built up which is ideal for long-term use. In addition, the vitallusPLUS is much more lightweight and is made of a flexible material. Thus, no high pressure is required, so that it remains attached to the body.

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